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Post by Gippox » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:22 pm

Recently i noticed that SPORT SST servers are not reachable. Have server addresses changed ?

Code: Select all

Locating sstsport files for model

            Initiating FTP connection to

            ! CONNECTION ERROR: Attempt # 1 of 3 - Network is unreachable

            ! CONNECTION ERROR: Attempt # 2 of 3 - Network is unreachable

            ! CONNECTION ERROR: Attempt # 3 of 3 - Network is unreachable

Initiating HTTP connection to

              -> Checking if available /cgi-bin/ - Not currently available

            ! There were problems acquiring the sstsport data files for model initialization

Server addresses in the sstsport_gribinfo.conf file :

SERVER-FTP = GEO: /SPoRT/sst/northHemis/grib/YYYYMMDD_CC00_sport_nhemis_sstcomp.grb2.gz
SERVER-HTTP = EMS1: /cgi-bin/ YYMMDDCC.sportsst_nhemis.grb2
SERVER-HTTP = EMS2: /cgi-bin/ YYMMDDCC.sportsst_nhemis.grb2
SERVER-HTTP = EMS3: /cgi-bin/ YYMMDDCC.sportsst_nhemis.grb2

EMS3 =
EMS2 =
EMS1 =

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Post by meteoadriatic » Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:15 pm


try this:
Dear SPoRT modeling partners:

For those of you utilizing the WRF Unified Environmental Modeling System (UEMS) framework for making local/regional WRF model runs, there are emergency patches that need to be made to your UEMS installation in order to continue acquiring SPoRT datasets for initialization in your models. Directory locations will remain the same.

Specifically, the NASA SPoRT public-facing ftp server will be changing to https for security measures, with a deadline of 31 JANUARY.

All that needs to be done is as follows: (changes are highlighted in yellow)

· Edit the $UEMS/conf/ems_prep/prep_global.conf file:

o Change entry to “GEO =”

· Edit SPoRT-provided gribinfo.conf files in $UEMS/conf/gribinfo/:

o For SPoRT SSTs, change entry to “SERVER-HTTP = GEO: /SPoRT/sst/northHemisphere/grib2/YYYYMMDD_CC00_sport_nhemis_sstcomp.grb2.gz” [note extra change in directory path]

o For SPoRT-LIS, change entry to “SERVER-HTTP = GEO:/SPoRT/modeling/lis/conus3km/sportlis_conus3km_model_YYYYMMDD_CC00.grb2”

The main thing to note is that any instances of SERVER-FTP needs to be changed to SERVER-HTTP, and the needs to change to

I apologize for the short notice on this critical change, but we only recently had the public-facing https server in place.

Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions about making this transition to your local UEMS installation.

Most Sincerely,


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Post by Gippox » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:55 pm

Thanks Ivan. it is however unreachable.
EMS1= works but the download is very slow, the SSTSPORT uncompressed file is 250 mb take almost an hour :(

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