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Post by ddale81 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:19 pm

Good evening I have a problem with
I should run with crontab but can not find the domain even if I entered it correctly.
I followed the same procedure to run which works correctly

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wrf:~> /usr1/uems/strc/Ubin/uems_autorun-wrapper.csh --rundir /usr1/uems/runs/nord >& /usr1/uems/logs/uems_autoruns.log
I attach code

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wrf:~> /usr1/uems/strc/Ubin/ --grads --rundir usr1/uems/runs/nord/wrfprd > & /usr1/uems/logs/uems_post.log

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 Starting UEMS Program ems_post (V18.1.3) on wrf at Sun Feb 18 20:16:50 2018 UTC

    I.   Attempting to translate your configuration into something ems_post can understand

       !  Shine on You Crazy Diamond!
          Something is not quite right because /home/ale/wrfprd does not exist. You want me to
          work my magic but I have nothing with which to work. Besides being good-looking, you
          are exceptional at what you do, so work with me so we can shine together!

    Your UEMS Post party was busted at Sun Feb 18 20:16:50 2018 UTC - Ya know, 'cause stuff just happens

  You can sometimes hear Tibetan Monks chant: "Think Globally, Model Locally!"

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