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Mandatory UPP fields to be able to run WRF on that data

Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 11:21 am
by meteoadriatic

I'm having unexpected difficulties trying to start WRF-ARW model using input data from archived WRF grib2 files produced by UPP. I'm using Vtable.ARWp.UPP because I have enabled pressure level upper-level fields as most others do.

However, depending on what data I select in wrf_cntrl.parm to create output gribs, I either get errors from metgrid or from real when starting ARW on those files. Basically it looks I can't find out what are required fields to output from previous model.

So I would appreciate if someone successfully runs such asynchroneous nesting, if can share his/her wrf_cntrl.parm with me?