vertical level issue

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vertical level issue

Post by blacksword » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:46 am

Hi guys,

I'm trying to reverse engineering a model with UEMS wrf, i could almost make it done but there is some records which are different with standard grib files for example WGRIB output give me this output for LIFTED INDEX BEST

Code: Select all


and for my model which is made by UEMS it gives me:

Code: Select all

362:3215774:d=17011800:4LFTX:kpds5=132:kpds6=116:kpds7=46080:TR=0:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:180-0 mb above gnd:anl:NAve=0
you can see the KPDS6 and KPDS7 are different. where we should change to get the same result?


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