volcanic eruption / aerosol hack

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volcanic eruption / aerosol hack

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I'd like to model the motion of a volcanic cloud being injected into the upper atmosphere - can someone please lend me an insight on how to move in the right direction to do this with EMS-WRF? Since these are precompiled binaries, I didn't want to get into hacking the fortran... but I haven't found in available docs where there might be a preferred way to do this. I need to verify how the aerosol propagates in the general circulations - I could maybe use built-in tracers or else zero all the aerosols except for one grid cell?

Thank you very much - ems ROCKS!

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Re: volcanic eruption / aerosol hack

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Seems noone answered you. Did you find how to do it? I'm interested in this topic too.

Best regards!

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