Time series output

Compiling NMM/ARW code for EMS system, upgrading WRF cores on your own, changing EMS scripts to suit your particular needs, and other modifications to original EMS distribution goes in this forum. These are officially unsupported actions.
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Time series output

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Hi there, I know that the topic has been addressed in several topics, but I have dificulties to locate the run_ems.pm file in wrf I try to do what meteoadriatic described in post viewtopic.php?f=10&t=480, but as long as I can not find the run_ems.pm, file no chance.

Question to the people more involved in this: Has there been a change in recent versions?
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Re: Time series output

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Yes that guide is obsolete for new versions of EMS. You should definitely take some other route to acomplish wanted task. Try other solutions here on forum, if nothing works ask again in details what you need.
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