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grib2 variables names

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:20 am
by Roberto
Hi all,
I'm a new WRF user, and I have problem with grib2 output.
When I make inventory of grib2 variables I can find some regular variables names like :

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TMP:2 m above ground:990 min fcst
But I have some more strange names (for me), like :

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var discipline=0 master_table=2 parmcat=1 parm=167:surface:960-990 min acc fcst:
Where can I find a "human readable" name for these variable ?
In an ideal case, is it possible to output these variables with a readable name ?

I found a file "wrfems/data/tables/wrf/grib2map.tbl"

But it doesn't helps me very much.
Thanks for your answers.