Grads Maps are not created

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Grads Maps are not created

Post by sky62 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:51 am

I wanted to ask for help for my wrfems.
Using Fedora v.20 64bit and I have installed the latest version wrfems ( correctly, no error or requests for files generated by the program.
ems_prep download from the server and it works ok
ems_run processes the files and it works ok.
ems_post: the problem is that it does not create the maps *png via plot_grads.tcsh but only the files *. html.
This is what brings me back wrfems after performing ems_post:

[sky62@localhost hires4]$ ems_post

Starting EMS routine ems_post (V3. on localhost at Sat Jul 19 11:36:36 2014 UTC

I. Performing configuration in preparation for your EMS Post experience

II. Summary of EMS Simulation Output Data Set Processing

Located 3 Domain 01 Simulation Primary Output (wrfout) netCDF Files

* Process Model Output
* Create GRIB 1 Files
* Create GRIB 2 Files
* Create GRADS Files

III. Processing domain 01 netCDF output to GRIB

* Accumulation period of the precipitation fields in the GRIB files will be 3 hours

* GRIB file process information:

Process (Model) ID : 116
Originating Center : 7
SubCenter ID : 0

* Using 3 processors to run the emsupp routine - Warp speed 3!

1 of 3 : Writing fields from 2014-07-18_21:00:00 to GRIB - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb1f000000
Converting GRIB 1 to GRIB 2 - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb2f000000

2 of 3 : Writing fields from 2014-07-19_00:00:00 to GRIB - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb1f030000
Converting GRIB 1 to GRIB 2 - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb2f030000

3 of 3 : Writing fields from 2014-07-19_03:00:00 to GRIB - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb1f060000
Converting GRIB 1 to GRIB 2 - 1407182100_arw_d01.grb2f060000

Processing WRF netCDF output to GRIB format completed at Sat Jul 19 11:36:39 2014 UTC

IV. Creating GrADS control and index files from domain 01 WRF GRIB data

* Combining individual GRIB 2 files into a monolithic file : 201407182100_arw_wrfout_d01.grb2 - Success (7.20 Mb)

* Creating GrADS control file - 201407182100_arw_wrfout_d01.ctl - You Go GrADS!
* Creating GrADS index file - 201407182100_arw_wrfout_d01.idx - More GrADS Love for You!

* Continue processing GrADS file(s) with /usr1/wrfems/util/grads/products/kumar/plot_grads.tcsh

+ View your forecast images via the Web with:

firefox file:///usr1/wrfems/runs/hires4/emsprd/grads/d01htm/index.html

Processing WRF GRIB files to GrADS format completed at Sat Jul 19 11:36:40 2014 UTC

Your awesome EMS Post party is complete - Sat Jul 19 11:36:40 2014 UTC

As Shields and Yarnell loved to gesticulate: "Think Globally, Model Locally!"

[sky62@localhost hires4]$

How can I solve this problem ?
Thanks for any help.



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