Domain sizes nmm core

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Domain sizes nmm core

Post by Howard21 » Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:13 am

I am currently running a single nested domain ... which looking at the dx in degrees equates to 9.24.
run time out to 120h is 37minutes on a i7 4820k (running at 4.3mhz unlocked CPU)
Now GFS is 0.5 degrees ... but the patent domain is 0.25 degree
If I do a 2nd nested domain ... thats 3.1km and that takes just short of 2hrs for 24h period.

I was previously running 120h with 2 nests at 18km and 6km ... taking 5hrs to run out to 120hrs. ... which is the resolutions I
would prefer.

Can I configure the ems_prep to get 0.5degree data?


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