Has anyone used available UCAR climate-data-for-WRF

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Has anyone used available UCAR climate-data-for-WRF

Post by pattim » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:08 pm

Has anyone used these datasets with UEMS? The data apparently are ingested directly into WRF with metgrid.
https://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds316.1/i ... escription

I would like to know where one would intercept the existing UEMS perl scripts to ignore everything before the metgrid step. A second problem I can foresee is that UEMS currently doesn't seem to allow simulations that begin in the distant future.

This would be useful for severe weather assessments throughout the world, especially in the light of the recent IPCC Special Report SP15 [2018] which suggests strongly that such assessments will become of key interest to local governments.


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