Hourly PPTN using autopost

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Hourly PPTN using autopost

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Good day

I'll be grateful if anyone can provide some insight on this ?

I'm using ems_run in the following way: ems_run --autopost 1 --ahost myhost
While running, this successfully creates grib2 files in /emsprd/grib/ folder.

With version 18.8.1 everything works fine and all output fields in grib2 files are as they should be, including total and convective hourly precipitation (PPTN) fields.
In version 18.12.1 PPTN output is only included every 3 hours, instead of hourly and in version 19.3.1 no PPTN at all.

When running 'normal' in the following way:

All three versions give the correct output fields including hourly PPTN.

Value in run_wrfout.conf for HISTORY_INTERVAL = 60, 30. I'm not sure what else need to change ?

Thank you.
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