ems_autorun runs WRF ARW twice

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ems_autorun runs WRF ARW twice

Post by vhornik » Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:38 pm

Hi, I have a strange issue with the autorun...

I configured my test run to go on 9 cores, start the ems_autorun script, ems_prep goes OK, WRF REAL OK, then it starts the WRF ARW and for about a minute all seem fine, I can see 9 threads running the wrfm_arw.exe. But then suddenly I see "Done" in the console and then another 9 additional wrfm_arw.exe threads start running... so since then the model actually runs twice (2x 9 wrfm_arw.exe threads) and using double resources, it still seems to generate valid output files (probably the second overwriting the first?) After it finishes the autorun script throws an error.

If I run the same domain without autorun (only with ems_run) then all is OK.

Did anyone experience the same? What could be causing this? I am on Debian 10, using bash, with latest UEMS (V20.8.2)

Thanks for any tips!

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