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Using ECMWF operational analyses

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:25 pm
by nathandm103
Has anyone had success using the higher res operational EC analyses identified on NCAR RDA as ds 113.1

I think I have gotten to the point where I can get ERA5 to work, but I notice that the EC operational analyses are produced at a higher resolution so I wanted to give those a try for a historical simulation. The Vtable listed on NCAR RDA for the 113.1 dataset is Vtable.ECMWF which I do see in the uems vtable directory, but going through the uems gribinfo configuration directory there is no gribinfo configuration file that uses the Vtable.ECMWF. What would be the correct --dset setting for ds 113.1, and what gribinfo file would apply to ds 113.1? Thanks for any help on this.