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Hi Everyone:
Is any one working with "nowcasting?" Evidently this is associated generally with assimilating local weather station data into a more general forecast, but since it's local data being assimilated, the typical definitions are 2 - 6 hour forecasts = "nowcasts"

I know UEMS has data assimilation capability, I've seen the file which defines weather station locations (at least in CONUS), but i'm not sure data assimilation is actually implemented beyond using GRIB gridded forecast data to constrain the UEMS integrations (either point-by-point or with Fourier methods). I guess I'm talking about near-real-time data-assimilation from local/regional weather stations. I'm not sure this would be much different from using the data from a National Weather Service since, presumably, that all available data is pre-assimilated.

I didn't want to bug Robert with that question so I thought I would ask one of the experts here, since I'm obviously just a little fuzzy on this.

Thank You!!
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