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Hi! I've been searching for some manuals on how to ingest CORINE Landuse data to the uems model.
I have found some solutions on this forum too, but I was wondering if anyone did this lately?

Some of these topics are quite old, reaching year 2015 so maybe some things got better sice then as putting corine data to uems is quite hard.
I read some pyblications on how the croine landuse affects forecasts from WRF so it is possible to use it.

I did some ems_domain modifications to have the flag with corine landuse, but when I try to localize the domain it has no landuse or lu variables - in panoply these are empty fields so it looks like ems_domain doesn't actually see the corine data.

I will contact to Robert Rozumalski to find how he sees it, but please, send me any advice you have on this topic :)
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