Domain Wizard Crashes to Command Line

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Domain Wizard Crashes to Command Line

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I'm having an issue with Domain Wizard where it won't start and instead will go back to the command line.

This is the error I'm getting: "Starting UEMS program dwiz (V22.2.1) on localhost at Sun Mar 6 15:52:11 2022 UTC

DomainWizard: Can't exec "/usr2/uems/domwiz/libs/default/bin/java": No such file or directory at /usr2/uems/strc/Uutils/ line 312.
DomainWizard: Died at /usr2/uems/strc/Uutils/ line 316.
DWIZ info written to /usr2/uems/logs/DomainWizard.log "

If anyone can provide any suggestions or help, that would be most helpful.
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