V22.2.1 - Invalid Memory Reference

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V22.2.1 - Invalid Memory Reference

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on some domains, my runs with V22.2.1 crash with the error:

! Your simulation failed (11 - Invalid Memory Reference - Seg Fault)

I use FNL data. So far I noticed that when the error happens is before March 22, 2021 when the GFS switched to V16 (https://www.weather.gov/media/notificat ... update.pdf). The grib files are twice the size after that date. I did not find anything about changes of the VTABLE.

For my runs, I move the domain on the globe with 3 nestings 27/9/3 starting from a 99x99 grid and zooming in. On 19.8.1 I never have problems.

Does anybody have the same problem or any hint to provide?

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