What and Why? (Read Me First)

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What and Why? (Read Me First)

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In the fall of 2009, I eventually decided to start with this forum. This was my long-lived idea but because of not having enough spare time didn't worked this before. What is this all about?

Well, before this forum, searching Internet about WRF-EMS package did not give you too much useful information. If you searched information due to some problem, it is very likely you didn't found what you need. All you could do is write e-mail to WRF-EMS author hoping he will have enough time to help you. If that step failed, you probably have been left without help. This is why WRF-EMS Unofficial Forums has been bringed to life. Their purporse is to make technical support between WRF-EMS users themself possible.

I hope this forum will, among others:

- allow WRF-EMS users to help each other
- relieve Robert from being loaded too much with individual support requests
- popularize WRF-EMS among meteorological cummunities
- being serve as a web place with useful NWP information

(From author's website):
The Weather Research and Forecast Environmental Modeling System (WRF EMS) is a complete, full-physics, state-of-the-science numerical weather prediction (NWP) system that incorporates dynamical cores from both the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Advanced Research WRF (ARW) and the National Center for Environmental Predictions' (NCEP) non-hydrostatic mesoscale model (NMM) releases into a single end-to-end forecasting package.

This wonderful NWP package is created by Robert Rozumalski at NCEP/NOAA. Thanks Robert for your efforts! I hope this forum will help not only EMS users but also will help you!

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