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Re: WRF EMS release 3.4.1

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 12:41 am
by meteo60
Run is OK but there are many problems with parameters to make grads maps, they are not the same denomination in .ctl file. I have to check for the new parameters in conf file in static folder...

Re: WRF EMS release 3.4.1

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:08 pm
by meteo60
There are new files on wrf server for today, some bugs solved maybe?

Re: WRF EMS release 3.4.1

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:15 pm
by meteoadriatic
Yes, Robert wrote:
Well, here is a summary:

a. Fixed problem when configuring nest within a global domain. Sub-domain point 1,1 was incorrectly defined
relative to 0 deg longitude rather than 180 degrees.

b. Attempted fixed in networking when system's hostname is "local". Unable to replicate error on STRC workstation
so related problems may persist.

c. Changed INITFH from 1 to 0 in rap_gribinfo.conf.

d. Fixed problem with multiple 1000hPa height fields being written to GRIB.

e. Hopefully fixed a problem with the levels in GrADS control files not being set correctly. This issue occurs when two
fields, say temperature and cloud fraction, are defined on the same vertical coordinate but at different levels.

Note: If you are currently running V3. you will need to copy the updated emsupp_cntrl.parm file from the
data/tables/post directory to your <domain>/static directory.

f. Replaced missing narrfixed data file and changed MAXUDFREQ from 6 to 3 (hours) in narr_gribinfo.conf and
narrptiles_gribinfo.conf. Now users get 3-hourly BC updates by default.

g. Fixed problem with NMM failing during real when GFS PBL scheme (3) was used.

h. Returned default value of Short wave Radiation scheme for ARW core to 01 from 02. Although RA_SW_PHYSICS = 02 is
preferred, users were complaining about slower runs times.

i. Fixed initialization failure when RAP hybrid and isobaric (NAM) vertical coordinate data sets were used. Problem due to
bug in WRF module_initialize_real.F routine when U- and V- wind components were being vertically interpolated.

j. Updated EMS AUTOPOST configuration file.

k. Added a workaround for an NFS related issue when distributing the EMS UPP load across multiple systems. The problem
was isolated to NFS file attribute cashing in the client systems.

l. Fixed problem with reflectivity values output from the model when using the Thompson MP scheme by updating the module_mp_radar.F.