A reminder when contacting Robert for EMS support

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A reminder when contacting Robert for EMS support

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Greetings All,

First, let me say thank you to the person or persons responsible for starting and maintaining this forum. Resources such as this one relieve me of some of my "unofficial" support activities, which results in fewer
direct requests and shorter delays in my response times.

I greatly appreciate all users of the WRF EMS and the interest you have shown in the project. I currently have more than 600 non-NWS users in 60+ countries and the numbers continue to increase. The project will continue as long as I am in my current position.

Keep in mind that the WRF EMS is entirely a 1-person operation from development, testing, support, writing documentation, presentations, web maintenance (or lack thereof), creating graphics, and burning and mailing DVDs. Consequently, nothing is as polished, complete, and bug-free as you or I would like it. I would like the EMS to be perfect, but alas, that last bug continues to elude me.

In regards to support for the WRF EMS, because I work for the US National Weather Service, my primary responsibility is to NWS users. I also have numerous additional work-related duties that occupy most of my time leaving little opportunity for development and other support activities. Regardless, I attempt to respond to all support requests regardless of the origin; however, it's quite easy for me to get backed up with requests from all users, especially when my attention lies with other projects, to the point where I just can not respond to everybody. My lack of response does not indicate an unwillingness to help or that I don't like you in any way (I like all my users). It simply means that I am busy with other duties.

The above stated, if you send me a request for help, please be patient. Feel free to follow-up every few days if necessary. I don't mind getting multiple emails as it indicates that you still have a problem that needs to be addressed. Again, I like and appreciate all ~800+ EMS users and would really like to help if I can.

Finally, I am always updating the ems_install.pl routine so if you are a registered user and need an update send me the request. Those requests are easy to fulfill. If you are not a registered user then please take the time and tell me about yourself so that I have a better understanding of my user community.


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