Reanalysis based on ECMWF

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Re: Reanalysis based on ECMWF

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Dear All

I am new at wrfems and trying to run era interim for the last a few years. I succeeded to run it with the data in However, i want to continue with 2012 data from ecmwf data portal. From that portal i could get required 3d and surface data with example python scripts but i could not use them in ems_prep. In surface and 3d data files are appendded into one file and it could be directly ungribed by ems_prep. Could you please explain the way for appending grib files or adding two files to ems_prep.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Reanalysis based on ECMWF

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Download your data from the ECMWF portal.

For 3D fields you need only u wind, v wind, temperature, Rel Humidity and Geopotential Height.
You should have two files- one for 3D pressure level fields , the other for 2D surface files.

Put these in a temp dir with individual file names eg grib1.grib , grib2.grib. Cat the two files together-

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$ cat grib1.grib grib2.grib > ecmwf.grb
In .../wrfems/util/scripts you will find a PERL exe-
Copy or link this to your temp dir and run the script-

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$ ./   ecmwf.grb
The script should split the single file into separate date/time files which ems_prep can process.

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Re: Reanalysis based on ECMWF

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Hi all,

I just entered into the world of wrf and especially wrf-ems. I am able to run simulations and create forcast outputs. So far so good. The next challange is the creation of historical analysis. On the long run I want to create time series of wind speed and wind direction for one cell.

As initial dataset(s) I want to use either ECMWF or MERRA (not quite sure yet).

This is where my problem starts: How can I integrate "near-to-realtime" data such as ECMWF or Merra as initial dataset for a long term simulation? When I download the data from the ECMWF homepage ist round about 1 GB per day (!), which is much more than I expected...

So the question is: How to do? Which files to modify? I tried the procedure described by smartie, but I couldn't locate the folder nor the file you mentioned.



By the way: I am using version 3.4.
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