ems_post grads core dumped

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ems_post grads core dumped

Post by gil » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:40 pm


I am trying to convert to grads fromat wrfout for the most inner domain.
But cnvgrb shows core dumps:

ems_post --grads --domain 3

17 of 127 : Writing fields from 2010-10-02_05:00:00 to GRIB 1 - 1010012100_nmm_d03.grb1f080000
Converting GRIB 1 to GRIB 2 -sh: line 1: 28241 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /home/gil/models/newrems/wrfems/util/bin/cnvgrib.x64 -g12 -nv 1010012100_nmm_d03.grb1f080000 1010012100_nmm_d03.grb2f080000 &>/home/gil/models/newrems/wrfems/runs/gil/log/post_grib12cnvrt.log
Failed (cnvgrib code 35584)

Domain 1 and 2 went fine. Domain 2 is not very big.
wrfout* seems ok when I checked with other tools (cdo, ncl)

Any idea?



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Re: ems_post grads core dumped

Post by meteoadriatic » Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:42 pm

Is there anything useful in some log file?

However, if you don't need grib2 format you can skip that conversion and leave grib1 format only. But this will be a problem if you have wrfems v3.2 because there is no option of leaving grib1 if you specify that grads files are created. it is possible to hack ems files though.... and also, in version 3.1 grib2 conversion isn't mandatory even for grads=yes option.

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