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Update -> latest version ?

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:52 pm
by HP_the_Red
Hi there!

These are my first tries with WRF EMS and I hope, that you guys can help me.

I was asked to update an existing fedora16-server with running wrfems-version to the latest wrfems-version ( from my point of view).

My questions:
- Is there a way to do an simple update, that keeps all configurations and modified scripts (, etc...)?

- What are important aspects to consider doing an update?

- Hopefully there is a way to update and I don't have to do everything from scratch?

Thank you very much and best wishes!


Re: Update -> latest version ?

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:09 pm
by meteoadriatic

1) Back up your whole existing wrfems directory, for example, rename it into wrfems_old

2) Do clean install of wrfems 3.4

3) Transfer everything you need from wrfems_old to new wrfems directory

In step 3 I strongly recommend that you recreate your domains instead of copying them from runs directory in wrfems_old. Also do fresh configuring domain runs (runs/domainname/conf directory) because there are new entries and some defaults changed. This is not heavy task. Copy your old postprocessing scripts if they are now into wrfems_old directory to new installation. Also, postprocessing is now different (UPP instead of wrfpost) so you will probably need to adjust some variables in your grads scripts... but you will see what you get and then ajdust if needed.

Best wishes!

Re: Update -> latest version ?

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:36 pm
by HP_the_Red
Thank you very much for that fast reply!

In order to avoid a crash of the productive-server I will setup a fedora16-VM with virtualbox.
There I will install the latest wrfems-version (, create a new domain, that is similar to the productive-domain (I have a manual for that) and then -> try and error.

If you or others have some important advices for me...feel free to tell me.

I'm very sure, that I will come soon with further problems. ;)

Thank you very much! Have a nice sunday!


Re: Update -> latest version ?

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:38 pm
by HP_the_Red
Hi again.

That's what I've done so far:

- Installed a VM with Fedora20(x86_64)
- Installted the latest WRFEMS ( with new
- Replaced the grads-folder in /wrfems/util/ with the old_productive-grads-folder

Everything seems to work for the moment.

Thank you very much for that advise!