Problem creating GRIB files

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Problem creating GRIB files

Post by Laznik » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:42 pm

Hy all

Time to time i get the following error which happens in ems_post..... Is there any logical explanation ?

WRF EMS Program ems_post (V3. started on vrabec at Sun Aug 30 14:26:51 2009 UTC

* Processing NMM Core Domain 01 wrfout Files at Your Request

> Found 33 netCDF WRF simulation files to process in the wrfprd directory

I. Processing domain 01 WRF netCDF output to GRIB

* Accumulation period for precipitation fields will be 1 hour

* Using wrfpost control file - wrfpost_cntrl.parm

* Using 4 processors to run the wrfpost routine - Warp speed 4!

1 of 33 : Writing fields from 2009-08-30_00:00:00 to GRIB 1 - 0908300000_nmm_d01.grb1f000000
Converting GRIB 1 to GRIB 2 - 0908300000_nmm_d01.grb2f000000

2 of 33 : Writing fields from 2009-08-30_03:00:00 to GRIB 1 - Failed (wrfpost code 0)

EMS ERROR : There was a problem in the creation of the grib file.

Try manually running the command:

/home/meteo//wrfems/bin/wrfpost <

from the emsprd/grib directory to help diagnose the

II. Creating GrADS control and index files from domain 01 WRF GRIB data

* Combining individual grib files into a single monolithic file - 200908300000_nmm_wrfout_d01.grb

* Creating GrADS control file - 200908300000_nmm_wrfout_d01.ctl - You Go GrADS!
* Creating GrADS index file - 200908300000_nmm_wrfout_d01.idx - More GrADS Love for You!

Processing WRF GRIB files to GrADS format completed at Sun Aug 30 14:27:04 2009 UTC

WRF EMS Program ems_autorun completed at Sun Aug 30 14:27:04 2009 UTC

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