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GrADS postprocessing bug in v3 beta2

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:31 pm
by meteoadriatic
For those who run nesting and postprocess files in GrADS, here is small patch that corrects bug I discovered today. If you have, for example, mother domain and two nests, and use post_grads script to make your images in GrADS, you will be able to process only mother domain. Domains 2, 3, ... will not be processed and error message is displayed instead:

Code: Select all

    II.  Creating GrADS control and index files from domain 03 WRF GRIB data

         *  Combining individual grib files into a single monolithic file - 200908311800_nmm_wrfout_d03.grb

         *  Creating GrADS control file - 200908311800_nmm_wrfout_d03.ctl   - You Go GrADS!
         *  Creating GrADS  index  file - 200908311800_nmm_wrfout_d03.idx   - More GrADS Love for You!

            >  Continue processing GrADS file(s) with /usr1/wrfems/util/grads/products/
sh: /usr1/wrfems/runs/nmm1/log/post_grads2web.log: ambiguous redirect
This looks to me like a typo in file strc/ems_post/ at line 335:

system "$script $emsdir $ctl $dom>& $log";

To fix this issue, edit that file and make sure line 335 reads as this:

system "$script $emsdir $ctl $dom > $log";

Then all of your domains will be processed in GrADS. Hope this helps someone.