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new capability

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So Robert just released a version of UEMS with an important new capability. Given the dire nature of the 2018 IPCC Sr15, the 2018 US NCS, and other reports, such as ... a42889.pdf - this capability will allow rapid application of high quality, detrended coupled climate model data which extends through the remainder of the century, to support WRF LAM-based downscaling to provide the best-science predictions of changes in local weather patterns. This should be important for civic planning purposes from state-level to local-levels. Naturally, one cannot predict day-to-day weather accurately a decade in advance, but one *can* predict rates of increases in heatwaves, ice storms, etc., because WRF includes, for example, detailed local orographic forcing which climate models cannot. This will be important for local climate change adaptation and mitigation planning.

Links to the input files, on a 6-hour basis, are provided below. It requires a simple registration and is free. ... ta/ds316.1
...there is also data supporting hindcasting for model spin-up and tuning.

The references (including setting up atmospheric physics, etc.) are here: ... 013-2011-6

This seems like an important new capability for communities throughout the world, given the disappointing results of CoP-22, -23, and -24.
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