Problems with large grib files in GrADS

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Problems with large grib files in GrADS

Post by Antonix » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:39 am

Hello everyone
to handle large files are moved to a 64-bit version.
but I get strange results.
my siulazione 06oct2010 begins and lasts for 168.
but in the file. ctl start date is 9oct2010 and maps are plotted only by that date!
somebody can help me??

.ctl :

dset ^201010061200_nmm_wrfout_d01.grb
index ^201010061200_nmm_wrfout_d01.idx
undef 9.999E+20
title 201010061200_nmm_wrfout_d01.grb
* produced by grib2ctl v0.9.12.5p45
dtype grib 255
pdef 99 79 lccr 45.069000 6.425000 1 1 45.649000 45.649000 7.448000 1585 1641
xdef 99 linear 6.425000 0.0204021163789453
ydef 79 linear 45.069000 0.0149181818181818
tdef 100 linear 09Z09oct2010 1hr
* z has 39 levels, for prs
zdef 39 levels

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Re: wrf ems bug???

Post by jpb » Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:00 am


I've you got only one grib file with all forecast hours or one grib file per forecast hour ?

Check a wgrib 201010061200_nmm_wrfout_d01.grb to see what is inside your grib file

The date could be strange too in ctl file :
try to change 09Z09oct2010 to 12Z06oct2010 and gribmap -i the new ctl file

regards JPB

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