Using WRF LES in EMS

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Using WRF LES in EMS

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Hello fellow WRF People,

Does anyone have instructions on how to run WRF LES using EMS?

I found these instructions for running it in normal WRF but I'm struggling to convert them to EMS: ... LES-1.pptx

I also found this blurb inside a conf file:
If you choose to turn the PBL scheme OFF (LES) then make sure to set the following below:
# a. sf_surface_physics (pick a nice non-zero option)
# b. sf_sfclay_physics = 1 (automatically set if bl_pbl_physics = 0 in domain list)
# c. Either:
# sfflx = 1 (Recommended - drag and heat flux from physics - see below)
# or
# sfflx = 2 (Drag and heat flux from tke_drag_coefficient and tke_heat_flux)
# d. diff_opt = 2 (Recommended - in run_dynamics.conf)
# e. km_opt = 2 or 3 (Recommended - in run_dynamics.conf)
# f. mix_isotropic = 1 (Automatically set)
# g. diff_6th_opt = 2 (Recommended - in run_dynamics.conf)
# h. Make sure other physics schemes are appropriate

More instruction is appreciated. Thanks!
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