Read GRIB2 with GDAL?

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Read GRIB2 with GDAL?

Post by weatherc »

Anyone who have any working snippet how to read grib's with GDAL? Goal is to get out geotiff's as its lots easier/faster than fiddling with Grads and shapefiles....
Or is it possible to get ems_post to generate netcdf-files instead of gribs?

Tryed to convert ems_post generated grib2 to netcdf but it eneded in *** FATAL ERROR: rd_bitstream: n_bits is 26 ***
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Re: Read GRIB2 with GDAL?

Post by Daniel »

Hi :)

Have you tried gdal_translate?

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gdal_translate -b 1 -a_srs EPSG:4326 icon-d2_germany_regular-lat-lon_single-level_2022033112_005_2d_t_2m.grib2 test.tif
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