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Checking if WRF used the right topography datasets

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2022 6:30 am
by Trufumut
Hello there,
I'm using different topography datasets on WRF. I converted those to binary with convert_geotiff and so. The problem is that even if the [] and the [met_em.dXX. ... .nc] are the correct topography (i checked it out visually, the resolution was correct), the [wrfout...]'s variables of height, landmask and lakemask (at least) are seen to be smoothed (their resolution is lower compared to the {geo,met}). How do I know if there was a problem? is it usually seen in the wrfout topography-related outputs different data from the geogrid and metgrid outputs? Should I adjunct some data from my namelist' files (this is my forst post in this forum and I didn't find the answer to this on a previous question)?. Thank you
MA Troncoso Villar