Error Using CFSR Data Types (cfsrr and ptiles)

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Error Using CFSR Data Types (cfsrr and ptiles)

Post by PedroKannenberg » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:40 am

Hello there! I'm trying to run a few reanalysis on a storm that ocurred on 2014/01/31 and I've been getting the following error:

" II. Search out requested files for WRF model initialization
* Locating cfsrrptile files for model initial and boundary conditions
map_set: invalid lat: -999
-90.0 <= latsw <= 90.
Died at /home/wrf/wrfems/strc/ems_util/ line 208, <INFILE> line 349.
Does anyone has a clue on how to fix this? I'm trying to run that analysis on a domain that is centered in South America, should I change that for some other type of projection, a global-scaled one maybe?
Thank you for your time!

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