Looking for insight on a 200 core cluster

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Looking for insight on a 200 core cluster

Post by cal651 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:15 pm


I am looking to build a cluster of about 200 - 300 cores on a somewhat limited budget (90k). I am not sure what is the better path, Dual Intel Xeons + a GPU or the AMD 12 core opterons. I know there are latency issues associatated with each and I was looking for some insight into overcoming them as well as the basic cluster architecture.



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Re: Looking for insight on a 200 core cluster

Post by taylormade » Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:03 am

I did not think wrfems ran on GPUs. The software itself has to be written using special languages (e.g., CUDA) to use them. If its not, adding a GPU will not speed anything up. Talking to the WRF developers would probably be the best approach as they could give you the best details as to how it was written for clustering. I would buy hardware in line with the versions of MPI the code was written for. Same thing with the interconnect. For a 200 core cluster, you would probably want a fairly high performance connection like Infiniband. Adding that in can start to really add up.

Check out the Cray CX1, you could probably get 2 of those ~170 cores for about 90k, with Infiniband. You can get a quote on their website.

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