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Current version

Post by emsiwx » Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:16 am


since I am missing the info about the latest releases, I have decided to make this post.

If anyone knows about the new version, please post info here.

Thank you.


Current version : UEMS V15.58

# *********************************************************************************************
# Updates and fixes for the UEMS V15.58, the "Apples to Xerotic" release include,
# but are not limited to, the following:

a. The archive of 0.25 degree GFS forecast GRIB files on the EMS3 data server
been increased to 1 year. This means that future runs of the GFS will be
accessible to personal tile users for much longer than the current 14 days.

b. The archive of 3km HRRR forecasts (full forecast GRIB) on EMS3 has been
increased to 7 days AND the archive of (hourly) 3km HRRR 00-hour forecast
GRIB files has been extended indefinitely.

Why archive only the 00-hour forecast data set? Because this is all you
need to provide initial and boundary condition data for your simulations.
By simply including the "--analysis" flag, the UEMS will use the 00-hour
forecast files from consecutive hourly HRRR runs for the boundary

% ems_prep --dset hrrrpt --date 20160415 --cycle 15 --length 48 --analysis

Yes, you can run a 48 hour (or longer) simulation using just HRRR 00-hour
forecasts as your initialization data set.

c. Changed the calculation of RADT when using the "Auto" option and fixed
a small bug. Now there are three "Auto" choices:

1. Auto - Use a separate value for RADT based on the DX of each domain
2. Auto_1 - Use the value calculated for the primary domain for all sub-domains
3. Auto_2 - Use the value calculated for domain with the smallest DX for all domains

The default is "Auto" - Use a separate value for RADT based on the DX of each domain

d. Added a test to ensure that the number of grid points in each direction within
a CPU tile is not less than the 8 for the primary domain and 10 for nested domains.

Violating this requirement results in a corrupted BC input file, which can
compromised a simulation and lead to an unexplained crash.

e. Added verbiage to the run_ncpus.conf file explaining how to prevent this
silent killer of simulations (and the developer's patience) world-wide.

f. Fixed a bug in the navigation of nested lat-lon domains.

g. Fixed a "designed flaw" WRF wherein the SEAICE field over lakes was being
set to zero when the point was initialized as ice covered.

h. Fixed Registration file entry for Morrison MP scheme as per "Known Problems"
page on NCAR WRF site.

i. Recompiled WRF code, again, and again, and again.

j. Changed the dominant precipitation type category fields back to EMS V3.4
output where values are either 1 (that type) or 0 (no precip or not type)

k. Fixed problem when using the adaptive timestep with a regional lat-lon
domain. Now fft_filter_lat is assigned a value of 89 degrees to avoid
using of the default registry value (91 degrees).

?. Corrected an error in the NNRP gribinfo configuration files wherein the
wrong METGRID tables were being used leading to an incorrect skin
temperature initialization.

6. Users can no longer begin a nested simulation after the start of the parent
domain when initializing with multiple data sets (--dset dataset1%dataset2).
This is due to changes in the WRF registry that determine which fields from
the parent are used to initialize a child domain.

n. Fixed the Perl code to allow the QNSE PBL scheme to run with CU schemes that
include shallow cumulus effects by turning OFF the EDMF scheme (mfshconv=1).

Also provided a better explanation in the updated run_physics.conf file.

o. Switched the order of the pressure levels for PBL layer fields in the
GRIB 2 files. Now they are consistent with the operational fields from NCEP.

p. Added "lightning Potential Index" LPI as an option in the run_lightning.conf
file. To view the details, be sure to copy the new configuration file from
$EMS_CONF/ems_run/arw/run_lightning.conf into the conf/ems_run directory
within the domain you are using.

Additionally, look for the "LPI_ON_SURFACE" field in the updated
emsupp_cntrl.parm file (uems/data/tables/post/grib2/emsupp_cntrl.MASTER).

q. Modified HRRR Vtable (Vtable.HRRR) to fix a problem when initializing a
simulation with 3km HRRR pressure surface GRIB 2 files. The RH on pressure
surfaces were not being used and thus specific humidity values at T0 were
too low. Now initialization is done directly with specific humidity from
GRIB files.

r. Added some new options to the NOAH MP configuration file that include:

OPT_SNF = 4 - Surface snowfall partitioning based on output from MP scheme
OPT_STC = 3 - Semi-implicit Snow/Soil temperature time scheme where Ts use
snow cover fraction

s. Fixed a bug in the WRF NOAH MP LSM source code. The snow accumulation field
(ACSNOW) was using "mm/s" instead of "mm".

t. Fixed (another) ACSNOW accounting bug in the NOAH LSM. When using the mosiac
option, the accumulated snow was off by a factor of "mosaic_cat" or the number
of sub-tiles being included in the simulation.

u. Added a few radiation fields to the WRF output because I was asked very
nicely. More to come as time allows.

v. Commented out a fatal error message in the NOAH MP scheme that was causing
a simulation to fail when scheme was turned ON. The error causing termination
appears benign and only occurs during first time step of a nested simulation
along a land-water interface. Recompiled WRF code again.

w. Fixed a small bug by setting the NO_STOP_MESSAGE environment variable
in strc/EMSutils/

x. Fixed bug that was causing ems_prep to point to wrong CFSR data set when
date was before 1 April 2011.

Some configuration files were updated for this release. You will need to copy the
following files into your local conf/ems_run directory to see what's new:

(Located in uems/conf/ems_run/arw)

* run_lightning.conf
* run_physics.conf

Additionally (again), to get the benefits of the new LPI field, you must replace
your current static/emsupp_cntrl.parm with the updated emsupp_cntrl.MASTER file
located in uems/data/tables/post/grib2. Be sure to rename it to emsupp_cntrl.parm.

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