Accumulated precips not showing in ctl file

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Accumulated precips not showing in ctl file

Post by JFMass » Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:24 pm


I am actually running WRF with Autopost and it seems that even with the field activated in emsupp_cntrl.parm I can't get output from simulation-total accumulated precips:

(ACM_APCP_ON_SURFACE) SCAL=(4.0) ! Simulation Accumulated Total Precipitation (Liquid Equivalent; kg/m^2) FNUM=(087)
L=(10000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000)

When I take a look at post_emsupp.log we can see that emsupp gives the same name both for period-accumulated and simulation-accumulated fields. Can this be the problem? Is this a bug I can fix myself or should I wait for an update?

Code: Select all

   Precipitation Fields & Other Wet Stuff
   TACC_PRECIP : Run Accumulated Total Precipitation                  (mm)
   RAINC       : Accumulated Total Convective precip                  (mm)
   RAINNC      : Run Accumulated Non-Convectiveective Precipitation   (mm)
   TACC_RAIN   : Run Accumulated Rainfall                             (mm)
   TACC_ZRAIN  : Run Accumulated Freezing Rainfall - Liquid Equivalen (mm)
   TACC_SNICE  : Run Accumulated Snow & Ice - Liquid Equivalent       (mm)
   TACC_GRAUPEL: Run Accumulated Graupel - Liquid Equivalent          (mm)
   TACC_SNOW   : Run Accumulated Snow + Graupel - Liquid Equivalent   (mm)
   TACC_HAIL   : Run Accumulated Hail - Liquid Equivalent             (mm)
   LPI         : Lightning Potential Index (LPI)                      (-)
           Info: LPI not found in wrfout_d01_2016-04-05_12:00:00

   Period Accumulated Precipitation Fields
   TACC_PRECIP : Previous Accumulated Total Precipitation             (mm)
   RAINC       : Previous Accumulated Total Convective precip         (mm)
   RAINNC      : Previous Accumulated Non-Convective precip           (mm)
   TACC_RAIN   : Previous Accumulated Rainfall                        (mm)
   TACC_ZRAIN  : Previous Accumulated Freezing Rainfall               (mm)
   TACC_SNICE  : Previous Accumulated Snow & Ice                      (mm)
   TACC_GRAUPEL: Previous Accumulated Graupel                         (mm)
   TACC_SNOW   : Previous Accumulated Snow + Graupel                  (mm)
   TACC_HAIL   : Previous Accumulated Hail                            (mm)
   SNOW        : Previous Period water Equivalent Snow on Ground from (mm)
   SNOWH       : Previous Period depth of Snow on Ground from LSM     (Physical depth, m)
   ACSNOW      : Previous Period Water Equivalent Accumulated Snow on (mm)

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