Aerosol effects (AER_OPT)

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Aerosol effects (AER_OPT)

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Hi All,

I am testing several options to account for the direct effect of aerosols (AER_OPT). I am using UEMS V15.99.5 and I am facing two problems :

1. First, setting AER_OPT = 2 (Ruiz-Arias method) using RRTMG radiation schemes and the defaults additional options (AER_TYPE=1, AER_AOD550_OPT=1, AER_AOD550_VAL=0.12, etc.) has a small impact on the SW radiation quantities (SWDOWN, SWDDNI, SWDDIF, etc.). However, setting AER_AOD550_VAL to higher or lower values leads to identical results. In fact, SWDOWN should decrease with an increase in AOD for example, and this is not what I see…

2. Second, I am wondering how to use time varying AOD values (AER_AOD550_OPT=2) instead of constant value (AER_AOD550_OPT=1). The WRF-Solar user's guide ( ... AwtJlUU5gw) only tells that the time varying AOD should be read via auxiliary file(s) in WRF I/O API-conforming netCDF format. I would like to have more information on that specific format and where to place the(se) file(s).

Can anybody familiar with aerosols activation in UEMS help me ?

Best regards,
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Re: Aerosol effects (AER_OPT)

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Hello Guillaume,
I am also facing the same issue. Have you got a solution for this. Please help if you can.

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