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Active nmm

Post by dominic »

Hello to all

I would like to know if you can activate NMM in uems, in my case I get an error when I go to locate the domain.

Thank you
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Re: Active nmm

Post by meteoadriatic »

Are there NMM binaries at all? As far as I know there is only ARW real and wrf exe. So even if you create domain (which you should be able manually editing namelist.wps and running geogrid binary from command line), then you face 2 bigger problems. You don't have NMM executables AND whole UEMS does not have support to create namelist.input for NMM and other stuff that is required. And after that I guess that this version of UPP won't create gribs from NMM, and even if it would, you miss probably copygb binary and who knows what more.

In short, don't hope. NMM is dead several years ago. Develop your own NMMB system if you want that.
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