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Lost Ark Stronghold Station Menu

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2022 6:27 am
by Skyzhay
Like you would expect, this class uses Lost Ark Gold weapons like bows and firearms to knock away any enemies within range.Lost Ark Stronghold Workshop Menu

Workshops are used to craft new items that can be used in the final battle. HP potions, battle equipment tools, as well as cosmetic items for your stronghold are all crafted from here. To unlock additional recipes to your workshop, study workshops upgrades with your laboratory. Just about all trade skill equipment is used within this list.

Once you unlock a ship then you'll have Lost ark gold buythe ability to assign members of your crew to complete certain missions. These missions will earn you currency for strengthening your strongholds, upgrade materials, and even rewards granted by Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids (explained in the Additional Stronghold Features section).