Now Available: UEMS 15.46 - The "Magnum Opus" Release

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Now Available: UEMS 15.46 - The "Magnum Opus" Release

Post by wrfems »

Announcing the first major UEMS* release in over three and a half years! And only three years after
the first anticipated release date!

I present to you the almost nearly more perfect than before, UEMS V15.46, The "Magnum Opus" release!

* Formerly know as WS ETA, WS WRF, WRF EMS, EMS, and ξ

It's taken so long, just what the %^&$ have you been doing?!

Allow me to explain:

a. The "Unified" has been prematurely added to the Environmental Modeling System to create the “UEMS”.
The “unified” refers to the inclusion of the NEMS NMM-B package, which is still undergoing development,
and thus not functional. But at least something is ahead of schedule!

b. The package now features WRF version 3.7.1. It’s finally your chance to be up-to-date with the latest
NWP technology. This release includes all the physics schemes that are in the current WRF, which might
be too much of a good thing.

c. The UEMS has slimmed down, as it no longer carries any NWP “junk in the trunk” in the form of
support for the WRF NMM core, i686 (64-bit only) binaries, and GRIB 1 post processing output (GRIB 2 only).

The NMM was eliminated since neither NCEP nor the NCAR DTC no longer supports it. This decision was
made following a lengthy consultation with myself in a mirror.

d. The STRC Perl modules were completely re-written to facilitate future UEMS releases, which means that
you won’t appreciate all the time and effort that went into developing something that just works, but you will
be happy that it just works!

e.There is an all-new UEMS post processor (EMSUPP). The EMSUPP was completely rewritten to support
GRIB 2 output and to make my life easier by not having to work on code that bares the scars of too many
developers. The code is better organized and “field tested” to ensure you get the simulation output that
you deserve. It even has that new post processor smell, which has been described as an “acquired scent.”

In addition, the EMSUPP control files are skillfully documented and packed with new and exciting fields,
such as synthetic satellite output for multiple observing systems, hail and graupel simulation and period
accumulation as well as maximum and instantaneous precipitation rates. Way too many fields to list, so I’m
not going to even bother listing any, except those I’ve already listed.

f. There is an all-new UEMS BUFR file processor (EMSBUFR), for all the same reasons as sited above.

g. The UEMS now includes source code! That’s correct, all my blood and sweat encrusted source code
files are provided for those looking to fill weeks of time attempting to compile your UEMS executables
locally; however:

1. I don't provide the WRF source code. you will need to get the official release from NCAR and
replace some files with the UEMS modified versions. It’s trivial though.

2. The instructions and build scripts are provided as well as all the libraries and utilities, but since
the package was build with PGI you will need to do some work if planning to use the GNU compilers.

h. The UEMS now includes personal tile support for the 3km HRRR , 0.25 degree GFS,
5km NAM CONUS nest, and 6km Alaska nest. Here’s a complete list of the personal tile data set options
(note that “ptile” has been replaced with “pt” in the moniker): cfsrpt, gfsp25pt, gfsp50pt, hrrrpt,
lispt, nam4kmpt, namak6kmpt, namakpt, namcapt, nampt, narrpt, rapt, rtgsstpt, rucpt, sportsstpt

i. There is much more that has changed in the UEMS package since the previous release, but after
three and a half years I can’t begin to recall everything. Besides, you would not want this announcement
to get any longer.

If you're stuck in the age of EMS V3.4.X, well then gramps, here is your opportunity to cool down from
chasing kids off your lawn and inject some "better than bingo" excitement into your life. All you will
need is the current UEMS install utility and a willingness to let go of the past, as in your current release.
To do a new install:

% --install

Warning, the new WRF terrestrial data sets are very large. I've broken them down into 70 smaller
files but it still takes a long time to download.

Should you have an interruption during the download process, I've added a "--continue" flag so
you don't have to start from the beginning. If it fails, then just re-run with:
% --install --continue

And if you simply want to simply freshen up your old "analogue" EMS, well, you can't, because the
new release requires a fresh install as well as NO horse-trading of files with the old installation; otherwise,
your system will likely break and you will wake up in a bathtub full of ice with your kidney missing.
So just don’t do it (NIKE copywrite?).

If you are registered but don't have the current UEMS install utility then feel free to contact me
for the update; otherwise, you have to register.

Finally, I want to say “Thank You” to Emanuele R., a long-time EMS supporter and “test subject” for this release.

Let me know if you have any questions, but be patient as I have 5 weeks of “use-or-loose”.

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Re: Now Available: UEMS 15.46 - The "Magnum Opus" Release

Post by apextreme »

Thanks for all you cooperation.
A throughout the years I have always occupied NMM and from what I have read is not included in this update . When you add estimates NEMS NMM -B package?, because currently only available packages for ARW.
Please do not leave us in the past , fans of NMM want to upgrade to the currently offered NAM!
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