Autopost fails to start in UEMS 22.3.1

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Autopost fails to start in UEMS 22.3.1

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I have been running UEMS over the years with great success. I normally run over a cluster of machines and then have a separate box doing the autopost while the model is running.

We have since purchased new computers running Ubuntu 20.04 currently I installed UEMS 22.3.1 and attempted to run some test. I have all the proper passwordless ssh setup between boxes and drives mounted back to the main node but when it goes to start up the autopost routine it always fails. I do not understand what could be going on as I have read/write permissions from the autoposting computer back to the main node and have verified that.

As a side test to check all communications I set it to run the simulation on the autoposting node instead which would fail if my ssh or nfs mounts were not correct and it worked fine. There must be something I am missing, but I cannot think of what it could be. Below is a snippet of the output where the fails to start. Any suggestions on what my problem is? -- Thanks!

* The WRF REAL will use the following nodes and cores:

8 processors on wrfmodel2 (localhost) (1 tile per processor)

* Creating initial and boundary conditions - Success! Let's do it again!

Initial and boundary condition files created in 6 seconds

☺ Moving on to bigger and better delusions of grandeur

III. Running WRF ARW while thinking happy thoughts

* The WRF ARW core will use the following nodes and cores:

12 processors on wrfmodel2 (localhost) (1 tile per processor)

* A large time step of 80 seconds will be used for this simulation

* Output Frequency Primary wrfout
Domain 01 : 1 hour

* AutoPost: Starting on wrfmodelpost1 - Failed

☠ That didn't go quite as planned!

The Autopost lock file is missing:


I will manage the post-processing after your simulation has completed.

* Running your simulation with tenacity!

You can sing along to the progress of the simulation while watching:

% tail -f /home/jim/uems/runs/test/rsl.out.0000

Unless you have something better to do with your time.
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